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Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) website.  Check out the opportunities to participate in local Republican Clubs, upcoming events, and to learn of Republican legislative news.  We hope you will visit us often and join in our activities.  Please be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For information on the Calvert County Republican Party, please email

Highlighted Events
Calvert County Republican Central Committee Meeting

July 11th, 7:00 PM (Changed to the second Wednesday of the month due to July 4th)

All Republicans are welcome!

Calvert County Republican Party Headquarters
424 Solomons Island Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Republican Candidates' Forum

Are you ready for the Primary Election?

Check out the candidate videos from the May 22nd Calvert Republican Candidates' Forum.

Intro to Forum
Commissioners Part 1
Commissioners Part 2
State's Attorney
Judge of Orphans' Court
Register of Wills
House of Delegates LD 27B Part 1
House of Delegates LD 27B Part 2
House of Delegates LD 29C
State Senate LD 29
State Senate LD 27
Central Committee 
2018 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner - A Great Success!

More than 160 attendees welcomed Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan to our Calvert Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.  She was warm, charming and caring—taking time to greet and share photo ops with everyone. We were happy that her daughter Jaymi could join us as well. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our Republican cause. We were very pleased to have Delegate Fisher as our Master of Ceremonies and to hear from Delegate Clark on the recent Session.

The buffet by Thompon’s Seafood was delicious and the Silent Auction was beautiful and fun.  Thanks to all who donated items and to Judy MacWiliams and Linda Woods for organizing the auction and thanks to Deena Fisher, Della Stull and Carolyn McHugh who helped with the set up.  Thinking of Mrs. Hogan’s birth place, Delores Brown and Anita Brown featured the hibiscus, the national flower of Korea, in the table decorations.  They were beautiful. Thank you, Delores and Anita. Our Program booklet was filled with wonderful Ads. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our advertisers for supporting Calvert Republicans and thank you to Catherine Grasso who recruited and coordinated the ADs and to Frank Grasso for the layout of the program booklet. Well done!  We were delighted to have 6 Teen Age Republicans from Huntingtown High join us and help with the Auction monitoring. Thank you – Abigayle, Hannah, Logan, Oakley, Sara and Whitney.  Thanks to Eric Hiltpold for handling the 50/50 raffle and to Terri Wolfley for coordinating the photo ops and Mike MacWilliams our photographer.  Thanks too to Carolyn Rice and Janet Hartman for an outstanding job on checking in attendees and checking out for the Auction and to Darcey Clark for handling registrations.  A huge thanks and appreciation to Carole Fonfara at the Hall at Huntingtown.  

What a group effort! What a SUCCESS!  Thank you all!

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McCabe 120 Club

Join the McCabe 120 Club at the $120, $300, $500 or the $1,000 level today. Your participation in the McCabe 120 Club enables your Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) to maintain a prime headquarters location on Route 4.

CCRCC also conducts candidate training, a meeting place for our Republican candidates, and promotion of our candidates in our local newspapers, door-to-door canvassing for our Republican candidates and promoting the growth of the Republican Party in Calvert County.

This year, as a thank you to our members, CCRCC is hosting a Preakness Party on May 19, at the home of Frank and Catherine Grasso.

CCRCC welcomes new and returning members.

Hot Topics
Legislative Wrap Up
Read the General Assembly Wrap Up Report by Ella Ennis. We have some victories, bad legislation that failed but could come back next session and some missed opportunites. We also see that victories are sometimes more about stopping bad bills than passing favorable ones. Get the scoop!
Governor Hogan Acts to Protect the Bay

Excerpts from Maryland
Bay Journal May 1, 2018 by Timothy B. Wheeler

After years of study and haggling over how to deal with the impact of Conowingo Dam on the Chesapeake Bay, the Hogan administration has ordered the hydropower facility’s operator to reduce nutrient pollution passing through the dam on its way down the Susquehanna River — or pay up to $172 million a year for someone else to do it.

MDE directed Exelon, which is seeking a new 50-year license for Conowingo, to make annual reductions of 6 million pounds of nitrogen and 260,000 pounds of phosphorus in the lower Susquehanna below the dam. Those are the amount of nutrient reductions studies have indicated are needed to offset the impact of the dam on Upper Bay water quality. If the company does not make those reductions itself, then the MDE directed it to pay “in-lieu fees” if nothing else is done to reduce the nutrient flows.

“From the beginning of our administration, we have sounded the warning on the problems caused by the Conowingo Dam,” Gov. Larry Hogan said in a statement. He said the conditions in the state’s certification provide “a strong framework for working with the upstream states and private partners such as Exelon to take real actions to address the sediment and nutrient pollution problems caused by the dam so we can preserve the Bay for future generations.”
The state certificate calls on Exelon to supply a “nutrient corrective action plan” by Dec. 31, 2019. It gives the company three options:

  • Annually, pay the MDE $17 for every pound of nitrogen that hasn’t been reduced and $270 for every pound of phosphorus. Those amounts represent the average costs of making such reductions, Grumbles said.
  • Install enough pollution-reducing “best management practices” — by planting trees along streams, restoring wetlands and the like — to meet the nutrient targets.
  • Dredge the reservoir. Hogan has advocated dredging as an option, though a 2014 study suggested it could be hugely expensive and deliver only limited, temporary benefits. Last year, Hogan announced a pilot dredging project to assess whether there are beneficial uses for the sediment that could offset the costs.

The company spokeswoman said Exelon will “evaluate next steps to determine the long-term viability of the Conowingo Dam.”  Exelon has 30 days to appeal the MDE’s action to Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles, which could trigger an administrative hearing. If still dissatisfied, the company could go to court.

News From Governor Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan Vetoes Bills Eroding School Accountability

Bills Remove Critical Oversight of Billions in School Construction Funding, Protect Bad Teachers Charged with Misconduct from Termination

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today vetoed two bills that undermine critical oversight and accountability of Maryland public schools. The legislation, passed by the Maryland General Assembly and presented early to the governor, includes House Bill 1783, which would strip oversight over school construction funding from the state’s top fiscal leaders, and Senate Bill 639, which would add an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy to the process of removing teachers charged with misconduct.

HB 1783 removes the historic oversight from the Board of Public Works, comprised of the governor, the comptroller, and the treasurer, over billions of dollars in school construction funds and gives it to the Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC). The IAC is an unelected, unaccountable body consisting of political appointees, which have historically included lobbyists and individuals with potential conflicts of interest.

“At a time when Marylanders are crying out for more accountability, more oversight, and more transparency in education spending, the legislature ignored those pleas. I can only assume that some legislators had no idea what they were voting on when their party leaders forced them to cast this horrible vote. But let me be very clear: anyone who votes to override this veto will be voting against transparency, against accountability in education, against fiscal responsibility, and against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of Marylanders,” said Governor Hogan as he vetoed the bill during a meeting of the Board of Public Works Wednesday morning.


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Governor Hogan - Makin' It Happen!