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Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) website.  Check out the opportunities to participate in local Republican Clubs, upcoming events, and to learn of Republican legislative news.  We hope you will visit us often and join in our activities.  Please be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For information on the Calvert County Republican Party, please email

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Calvert County Republican Central Committee

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Next Meeting

May 1, 6:30 pm

All Republicans are welcome!

Calvert County Republican Party Headquarters
424 Solomons Island Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Republican Women of Calvert County (RWCC)

Quarters In! Paddles Up!

for the

Youth Scholarship Fund

Join us April 7th for a fun, past-paced afternoon of prizes while supporting a great cause!

Not sure how to play? No problem! Join us and we will show you how!

For reservations, please call: 240-416-4224.

To learn more about this event, including a list of participating sponsors, please visit Quarter Auctions in SOMD on Facebook.

Republican Women Leaders of Calvert County (RWLC)

Please bring a brunch dish to share.  Drinks and desserts will be provided.

Amy Schisler will dicuss her currently released book 'The Devils Fortune'

There will be an entertainment surprise.

Please RSVP by Wednesday - April 10th.

Hot Topics
MD Legislative Updates
Check out this excellent update on legislation before the General Assembly of Maryland by Ella Ennis.
Earth-Shattering Turn of Events, Assembly Passes Hogan Redistricting Legislation

Press Release, April 1

Entrenched Partisan Interests Set Aside as Marylanders Cheer The Restoration of Free and Fair Elections

ANNAPOLIS, MD – In a stunning rebuke of status-quo partisan politics, the Maryland General Assembly today sent Senate Bill 90 and Senate Bill 91 directly to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk. The bills abruptly and unexpectedly end Maryland’s distinction of having the most gerrymandered districts in America.

“Wait, what?” Governor Hogan asked upon coming into his office and seeing the bills on his desk. “Here I thought they were going to leave our legislation in a drawer, and they just went and did the right thing. This is the most bipartisan, common sense solution to come out of the General Assembly in the 243-year history of our state. We are truly changing Maryland – and maps – for the better!”

... Read Full Press Release

Hogan Uses Veto to Protect MD Jobs and Economy

Press Release, March 27

Legislature Ignores Common Sense Compromise Offered by Governor Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today vetoed Senate Bill 280 and House Bill 166 – Labor and Employment – Payment of Wages – Minimum Wage, saying it “could cost us jobs, negatively impact our economic competitiveness, and devastate our state’s economy.”

Read the governor’s veto letter, which emphasizes three key points:

  1. This measure would cost Maryland more than 99,000 jobs. “A recent study on the issue of a $15 minimum wage concluded that Maryland private sector employment would be reduced by over 99,000 jobs and our state’s economic output would decline by more than $61 billion over the next decade. This same report estimates that more than half of the job losses would be in small businesses. I am extremely concerned that a dramatic and geographically disproportionate increase in our minimum wage will negatively impact our competitiveness and harm our state’s economy.”
  2. Legislators ignored Governor Hogan’s reasonable compromise proposal. “In the spirit of compromise, I provided the General Assembly with several reasonable options that would have provided for an increase in the minimum wage but not negatively impact jobs and businesses in Maryland. Unfortunately, those efforts were completely ignored. I proposed a manageable, phased increase of the minimum wage by two dollars to $12.10 by the year 2022. I also proposed that the legislature attach a trigger that would make any further increases above $12.10 effective only if our surrounding states reached a combined average of 80% of our wage.”
  3. This measure would hurt Maryland’s competitiveness and push small businesses out of the state.“Small businesses faced with the choice between a $7.25 wage in Virginia or $15 in Maryland will be forced to create jobs in the lower cost location and possibly reduce jobs or eliminate operations in Maryland. Making Maryland’s minimum wage more than double that of Virginia could be too much for our economy to bear. How can we place Maryland’s workers at risk and Maryland businesses at so much of a disadvantage?”