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Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Party Website

Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) website.  Check out the opportunities to participate in local Republican Clubs, upcoming events, and to learn of local Republican news.  We hope you will visit us often and join in our activities.  Please be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For information on the Calvert County Republican Party, please email calvertgop.hq@calvertgop.org.

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Highlighted Events
Central Committee Meeting

The next Calvert County Republican Central Committee meeting is on Wednesday, March 1, at 7pm. This meeting will be open to the public.

Calvert County Republican Party Headquarters
424 Solomons Island Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Hot Topics
Words From Delegate Mark Fisher

House Joint Resolution: An Effort to Undermine the Trump Administration

On Monday, February 13th, the Maryland House of Delegates voted 89 to 50 to pass House Joint Resolution (HJ) 3 entitled: Attorney General - Powers - Maryland Defense Act of 2017.

HJ3 allows Maryland's Attorney General to sue the Trump Administration for any reason and for no reason, without consulting either Governor Hogan or the Legislature. In an age of budget deficits, the Legislature is spending $3 million for this effort.

The following Legislators voted for HJ3: Senator Mike Miller (D-Calvert), Delegate Michael Jackson (D-Calvert), Delegate Sally Jameson (D-Charles), Delegate Edith Patterson (D-Charles), Delegate C.T. Wilson (D-Charles), Delegate Susie Proctor (D-Charles), and Senator Mac Middleton (D-Charles).

The following Legislators voted against HJ3: Delegate Mark N. Fisher (R-Calvert) Delegate Deb Rey (R-St. Mary's), Delegate Matt Morgan (R-St. Mary's), and Delegate Jerry Clark (R-Calvert, St. Mary's).

HJ3 erodes our system of checks and balances. Moreover, spending tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits is not going to rebuild the Middle Class.

Maryland Democrats should recognize this fact and refrain from wrongly abusing the court systems. This is a desperate act of political posturing to invalidate the new President's policies.

READ MORE from Delegate Fisher's Newsletter

Words from Senator Steve Waugh


(Click on image for details)

I made a map of how we actually vote, precinct by precinct. It's Red if the top of the ticket went Republican in '14 and '16; Blue if the precinct went Democrat both times - but White if it changed from one election to the next.

We can argue if Maryland is the most gerrymandered state in the Union but there is no doubt our districts are manipulated. The real question is, what is fair representation for our citizens?


Governor Hogan, Lt. Governor Rutherford Announce 2017 Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement Initiative

Press Release - January 24, 2017

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan and Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford today joined with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary Dennis Schrader, Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention Executive Director Glenn Fueston, Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh, Anne Arundel State’s Attorney Wes Adams, and Anne Arundel Medical Center President Victoria Bayless at the Anne Arundel Medical Center to announce the administration’s 2017 Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement Initiative, a multi-pronged and sweeping administrative and legislative effort to continue addressing Maryland’s ongoing opioid and heroin epidemic.

The administration’s 2017 Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement Initiative includes the creation of a statewide Opioid Operational Command Center to assist in breaking down governmental silos and to aid in the coordination of federal, state, and local resources. In addition to $4 million new funding, three new pieces of legislation are also being proposed: the Distribution of Opioids Resulting in Death Act, the Prescriber Limits Act, and the Overdose Prevention Act.

“Marylanders from one end of the state to the other know the devastation that heroin and opioid abuse can cause,” said Governor Hogan. “It’s under the surface of every community, and we decided we were going to shine a spotlight on this, to try to find as many possible solutions as we could. Today, we are announcing our 2017 Heroin Treatment, Prevention, and Enforcement Initiative, because as this crisis evolves, so must our response to it.”

Read More ...

Senator Steve Waugh


- Tax Exemption for Military Pay (active & retired)
- Return Highway Funds to Counties
- Redistricting Reform
- Geraldine's Law
- Blue Lives Matter

I plan to keep up the pressure and keep gaining momentum on the issues that matter. It's never easy being a Republican in Annapolis, but it's no worse than being a Marine on an Air Force base!


You can expect me to work to keep taxes down, spending on the priorities, and protect your rights - including your job. The St. Mary's Delegation is working like a Swiss watch on local issues. We may not approve everything the commissioners asked for, but I am confident we will deliver on every local bill we submit.

Learn More

- Fracking Ban
- Gun Control
- Mandatory Sick Leave

Democrats required Gov. Hogan to propose Fracking regulations. He proposed the toughest regs in the US (maybe the world), but they rejected it.
New gun control laws will be proposed because it's January.
The Bernie-wing of the Democratic party will return in a froth, having lost on mandatory sick leave last year. HB 1 is pre-filed by the Chair of the Democratic Caucus.

- Spending Cuts & Tax Increases
- Transportation Funding Formula
- Trump Card

State revenue estimates are down by almost $400 million, eating up the projected surplus. This will demand serious leadership: setting priorities and making decisions between things we have to do, need to do, or just want to do. No doubt there will be more than the usual tax increases proposed.

Last year's HB1013 (a.k.a Road Kill Bill) regulations are unresolved. The Governor wants a full repeal, Democrats want new regs.

As President Trump enters the White House an Obamacare repeal will be at the top of the dance card. How that is done will have a major effect on Maryland with MedicAid funding.

Stand by for Heavy Seas!

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Governor Hogan Announces 2017 Student Debt and Tuition Relief Initiative, Investments in Higher Education

Press Release - January 10, 2017

Student Loan Interest 100% Tax-Deductible for All Marylanders Making Less Than $200,000 – Tuition Growth Capped at State Colleges & Universities

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced the administration’s 2017 Student Debt and Tuition Relief Initiative, as well as targeted investments in higher education. Governor Hogan made the announcement at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was joined by Maryland Secretary of Higher Education James Fielder and Maryland Secretary of Housing and Community Development Ken Holt; as well as University of System Maryland Chancellor Dr. Robert Caret; University of Maryland, College Park President Dr. Wallace Loh and the University’s Board of Regents; University of Maryland University College President Dr. Javier Miyares; St. Mary’s College President Dr. Tuajuanda Jordan; Morgan State University President Dr. David Wilson; and Maryland Association of Community Colleges Executive Director Dr. Bernie Sadusky.

The governor’s proposal includes legislation to make student debt interest payments tax-deductible for all Marylanders earning less than $200,000 per year, funding to cap tuition growth at Maryland colleges and universities at a maximum of two percent, and targeted investments in priority projects at Maryland’s higher education institutions.

“Having a college education is more important now than ever before, but the harsh reality many face today is that earning a college degree often goes hand-in-hand with accumulating crippling college debt,” said Governor Hogan. “We believe that our new Student Debt and Tuition Relief Initiatives will provide much-needed relief from student loan debt, and will help us continue to make college in Maryland more affordable.”

... Read More


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