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Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Party Website

Welcome to the Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) website.  Check out the opportunities to participate in local Republican Clubs, upcoming events, and to learn of local Republican news.  We hope you will visit us often and join in our activities.  Please be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For information on the Calvert County Republican Party, please email
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Central Committee Meeting

The next Calvert County Republican Central Committee meeting is on Wednesday, Sept.6th at 7pm.

All Republicans are welcome!

Calvert County Republican Party Headquarters
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Hot Topics
Hogan Launches Pilot Program to Dredge Conowingo Dam, By Josh Hicks, August 8, 2017

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is moving forward with his goal of reducing sediment overflow from the Conowingo Dam, announcing Tuesday that his administration will request bids to test dredging the reservoir and reusing the materials.

The plan, which would involve removing about 25,000 cubic yards of sediment from an estimated buildup of 31 million cubic yards, could help determine whether a more expansive dredging operation could improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay, he said.

Conowingo Dam, in northeast Maryland on the Susquehanna River, aids in preventing sediment from smothering aquatic grasses that provide food, habitats and oxygen for marine life in the Chesapeake Bay.

“Much of our efforts to protect the bay and safeguard our environment for future generations could be wiped out by the effects of one bad storm,” Hogan said. “This is a growing threat that must be addressed.”


Hogan Admin. To Provide $28.4 Million in Grants for Local Roads

Press Release - August 17, 2017 

August 31 Deadline Set for Transportation Grant Application Form

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the administration is making $38,390,961 in grants available for local roads in Baltimore City and municipalities and counties from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has released the application that needs to be submitted by August 31. The grants will be awarded to jurisdictions based on the existing formula for the distribution of Highway User Revenues (HURs).

“Since the beginning of our administration, we have been committed to investing in roads and bridges across the state,” said Governor Hogan. “Our local jurisdictions rely on these crucial funds for long-overdue road projects that impact the safety and quality of life of our citizens.”


Message From Delegate Mark Fisher

Maryland Progressives Flirting With Socialism

It's baffling just how out of touch Maryland Progressives are with the electorate. So far, six opponents have declared against Governor Hogan. Democrats are obsessed with ousting the Governor with a nearly 70% approval rating - the second highest in the Nation.

Meanwhile, Governor Hogan continues to improve Maryland's business climate - rising 10 spots. However, Marylanders are still reeling from excessive taxes levied under O'Malley's watch and nonstop partisan pushback against Governor Hogan. As a result, the middle class and retirees are worried about Progressive Democrats regaining control.

Here is why: Progressives have forced over 82% of the state's budget on autopilot, attempted to make Maryland a Sanctuary State, and gerrymandered districts in their favor. This is service unto themselves, not the electorate. Progressives have forgotten the working men and women of Maryland.

Maryland Democrats have been hijacked by Bernie Sanders and the Progressive-Socialist agenda!

Read Delegate Fisher's Full Message

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